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Are you having difficulties in dealing with pest control in your home? Have you been struggling to get rid of the unwanted vermin with no success? This is a never ending battle, but with the help of our professionals, you can have the upper hand in it.

Pest Tech is here for you!

We provide pest control services that are designed according to the highest modern standards and requirements. We have the mark of excellence by QualityPro, the pioneers in pest management. Pest Tech is also a respected member of the National Pest Management Association, so you can be sure that we have all the necessary capabilities and skills to handle any task. Our company is dedicated providing our residential and commercial clients with the most efficient pest and bug control solutions that the industry offers.

Las Vegas Pest Control

We offer professional, friendly services in all areas of pest eradications both residential and commercial.

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What are the benefits of our protection?

buildingicoFor commercial property, regular visits by our company can help maintain a safe environment. You never want important business partners to notice insects crawling around in your office. They will witness a pest-free space, protected by our superior pest exterminator service. Whether you own a restaurant, warehouse, or even hospital or golf course, every business is vulnerable to unwanted vermin. When business partners and clients start associating your establishment with pests, your reputation will be damaged.

homeicoFor residential property, having a pest problem can greatly decrease the market value of their property. Our applied techniques and regular inspections will ensure that your home is clean and protected. Our visits can be on a monthly or quarterly basis. One time bed bug exterminator visits can be helpful, but just for a certain period of time. They will reduce the population of the pests, but in time, it is sure that they will multiply again. That is why, we will take all the required measures to ensure that your issue has been solved permanently.

Our pest exterminator service will help you get rid of all kinds of insects that are bothering you. Whether they are in your home, or in your yard, we have all the solutions you will need for a pest-free property. Pest Tech has a highly professional and trained staff, with more than 25 of experience in the rodent control service. If you need a reliable company in North Las Vegas, NV, that you can safely trust to completely erase every last bug from your home or business, contact us! We work with top quality products and equipment, so you can be sure that you will get completely satisfying results.

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North Las Vegas Office6222 Kitamaya St
North Las Vegas, NV 89031Phone: (702) 858-9451

Email: pestech@ymail.com

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