Should I Be Worried about a Bat Infestation? Tips from a Local Pest Control Company.

Bats are not commonly considered a threat or vermin, but if you have a nest in your attic, then you may experience some negative consequences of their presence. Although that may cause some people to consider them a pest and a threat, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad. In fact, their presence can be very beneficial for you and your home. Bats are known to feed on bugs, so having a pair near your property can help protect your home against insect infestations. Also, some of the bugs that bats eat are know to carry and transmit various diseases, so having some bats around may be even more beneficial for your household than you may have expected. In any case, there are several things you need to know about dealing with unwanted bat nests. As a pest control company, this is what we can tell you about it:

  • batIn order to make sure if you really have a bat infestation, you need to find the bats or at least find some signs of their presence. If you encounter some bats, you need to make sure that it’s not just an accident and that they are really an issue. If you keep seeing bats entering and leaving your attic or any other part of your home, then we recommend you consult with a pest control contractor.
  • We don’t generally recommend homeowners to deal with bat infestations on their own because some species of bats can be pretty dangerous. The actual bite may not hurt much but it can transmit diseases and infections. That includes rabies.
  • The nature of the situation requires the attention of a professional. Some types of bats are protected by law because they are endangered, so exterminating any protected species may be illegal. So, if you want to avoid having any unnecessary legal issues, we suggest you let a specialist deal with them. Also, it may not be necessary to exterminate them. Sometimes, you can just drive them out of their nest and block their way back in. That can be pretty easy to accomplish if you know their travel routes and the entrances to their nest. All you have to do is install a one-way, exit-only door flap on their holes.

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