Are Paper Wasps Really as Dangerous as You Think?

If you are living in Vegas, then you have definitely seen a paper wasp and have feared its presence in your home or office. In order to understand whether that pesky insect is really as dangerous as it looks and whether its stings are painful and carry diseases, you can read the following post.

Here is what our pest exterminator service teams knows about these insects:

  • The scientific name of paper wasp is Polistes species.

  • They come from the family of Vespid wasps

  • They can reach a size of between ?” and 1”.

  • Their body is slender, hornet-like, and they have a short 1-segmented waist between their thorax and abdomen.

  • The upper portion of their head, unlike hornets and yellow jackets, is pointed and never notched.

  • The colors of their head and body are mostly reddish brown to black with yellow rings and reddish areas on their abdomen.

  • The male species have a pale face and hooked antennae, while the females have a brown head.

  • They feed on the nectar of rotten fruit or other liquids and foods that contain fructose which is what attracts them.

  • They are more tolerable to people than hornets and yellow jackets, which makes them the least dangerous ones. Minor disturbances do not irritate them but when provoked or if their nest is disturbed, they may become a little aggressive.

Although these insects are generally not harmful, we recommend you to contact a local pest exterminator service provider as soon as you notice clear signs of infestation. Paper wasps in North Las Vegas, NV often like to live in public buildings, so it is not unlikely that commercial as well as residential customers call Pest Tech for extermination help.

Contact our team now at (702) 858-9451 if you are interested in a wasp extermination consultation. We will make sure to personalize a service quote that will match your budget and service result requirements!